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Robert N.�Gray ~ Grayt Book Series
Stories from The Cherokee Strip

"The Great Land Run of 1893"
�Books by Robert Gray ~ each covers�a different era of the last 100 years
  • The Cherokeee Strip of Oklahoma� ~��1992 ~ 290 pgs
  • The Early Years ~�1893 - 1911 ~ �1999 ~ 424 pgs
  • Reflections��from the Roadside� ~ 1912 - 1926 ~�1997 ~ 432 pgs
  • Observations from the Station ~
  • The Cherokeee Strip of Oklahoma�- A Hundred Yesteryears
    (reprint� ~�2003 ~ expanded edition)~ 400 pgs
  • The Cherokee Strip ~ of Oklahoma
    ~ A Hundred Yesteryears
    Bob's first book, great�stories of the Land, the Life�and
    the People of the Cherokee Strip and Oklahoma Territory
    ~ 290 pages.,�printed in 1992, by
    The Dougherty�Press in Enid, Oklahoma
    Expanded and reprinted in 2003,� 400 pgs

    The opening of the Cherokee Outlet, the greatest
    race of all time, is generally perceived as a dust-blurred
    montage of careening vehicles, high-spirited horses
    and exited home seekers racing into a new land, claiming
    homesteads. A century later, those pioneeers are gone
    and buried, yet they speak to us still.

    God has blessed us with the gift of memory and
    has made us custodians of the perspectives of the past
    as well as the realitues of the present which link
    and bind the generations each to the next with a unifying
    thread that transcends time.

    A portion of the proceeds go to
    "Museum of the Cherokee Strip ~
    Enid, Oklahoma