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Tea sets, dech the halls ~ Will's trip 05 ~ Chrysler ~ Wakens, Simpsons ~ Old Masonic temple

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Masonic Temple 1986 (23 photos)
Old Masonic Temple (12 photos)
Theatre (36 photos)
Waken10Sept05 (32 photos)
Simpson's Crew (48 photos)
Will's Trip (29 photos)
Mad Hatter Tea ~ 7/5/07 (22 photos)
Deck the Halls ~ 7/5/07 (42 photos)
Table Settings (37 photos) ~ Some interesting
1926? Chrysler ~ 6/26/07 (7 photos)
Sample album ~ 6/11/01 (12 photos)

Cactus Bert on Flikr ~ Fleamarket Albums
~ Press items, unsorted, ceramics, comics

unicontinental 2001 on Shutterfly
Mars, lillies and others

David D ~ Moon Shot on Snapfish

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