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Before the proliferation of recorded music
I will try here to build a list of themes and songs to play, which I would like 
to include in a repertoire for a small ensemble, or variety of groups. I will list 
ideas as they occur to me. Items will be added, some will be deleted. 

As I add songs I try to insert them in approximate order of preference, with 
more favored toward the top, but not specifically rating one against the other. 

Dick Van Dyke Show theme
'Never Could I Leave You'
California Dreamin'
      Dedicated to the One I Love
Mancini ~ 
      Pink Panther theme
      Theme From Hatari
      Big Band Bwana
      Baby Elephant Walk
Aquarius ~ Let the Sun Shine
Come on and Dance
Wish You Were Here
Smoke on the Water
Happy Trails
I got Everything I need, Almost
      Blues Brother Opener
Lady ~ Kenny Rodgers?
Lady ~ Styx?
Take it to the Limit
Bumble ~ Nutrocker
      ~ B Bumble & The Stingers
Put da Lime in da Coconut
Macarena maybe 


Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

Project Services~ 
Christmas lights on Symphony Center
Servers at Annual Symphony Tea
Refreshments at NOC Concerts
Music in many Languages going up the stairs