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Interesting and useless stuff I have collected through the years
Some offered for sale or trade on my Fleamarket Page.
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Unique horn and other instruments and Misc. Collections to be listed
Musical Instruments - Brass, wind, keyboards, strings
1500+ (I haven't counted lately) old vinyl albums, 8-tracks and cassettes
Sheet music back to the 1890's (mostly ~ 1920-50), music anthology and instruction books
Some percussion and accessories, harmonicas, maracas etc.
one peice from my Statue of Liberty collection
Statue of Liberty
Story & Camp - Square Grand Piano
- Made in Chicago - 1868
(pretty legs, but needs total restoration)

"The Lakeside - Chicago, U.S.A pump organ,
upright piano,
Hammond Electric bellows organ,
Yamaha 4?? electronic keyboard
The Lakeside Organ
click to enlarge

'Diving Bell-style
Schlitz Bar-clock

Various items
made in Chicago
Anything marked or
stamped 'Acme'

(~20 or more) Brass Instruments
2000+ Vinyl records
Organs and pianos
hundreds of Sheet music and books
Old record players, tape decks & projectors
old wind-up clocks
Foreign language books
Casablanca Poster 7'x3'

Old Hohner Accordian ~ very good condition
Historical Anthology of Music ~ Oriental, Medieval and Renaissance
by Archibald T. Davidson and Willi Apel
Harvard University Press, copyright 1946, 1949 ~ third printing ~ 1954

Historical Anthology of Music ~ Baroque, Rococo and pre-classical music,
by Archibald T. Davidson and Willi Apel
Harvard University Press, copyright 1950 ~ third printing ~ 1959
Show me the Way to go Home ~ also - matching Locomotive Whiskey caddy/Music Box
hundreds of sheets back to the early 1900's ~ I'll enter them as quick as I can
Italian, Russian and Spanish tutors on vinyl lp (sets with manual)

Langue et Langage, French language grammar troisieme edition
by Puciani and Hamel ~ copyright 1964 - 1979 Holt Rinehart and Winston

A New Russian Vocabulary ~ R.T.Curral, revised and enlarged edition 1942 ~ first published 1917

Collin's Gem ~ English - French dictionary - Collins Clear Type Press ~ 1979
People who know me will often ask for some odd item, and you just happen to find one around my house somewhere. My best friend has called me the white Fred Sanford and my house looks like it. My sisters have been involved in many play productions at Gaslight Theatre thru the years, and it always gave me great pleasure to be able to come up with some hard-to-find item for the prop list. A number of my odd possesions, like a doctors bag or an old black dial telephone, have appeared on stage in several plays thru the years.  I really like musical variety, and lots of my collecting has been records and old instruments, along with a full array of general musical stuff ~ old record players, eight tracks, cassettes, reel-to-reel, projectors, trumpet-shaped candle holders, music boxes, sheet music, organs and pianos, a few CD's and more . . . .
I like any old metal manufactured items, particularly if made in Chicago, or marked ACME in any way. Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Star Wars, Coca-Cola, cool books, old books, pop-up books, paintings, posters, Statue of Liberty, interesting glass bottles, rocks and minerals, anything related to the bi-centenial and 1776, Musicals, Big Band, Railroad, Cactus and succulent plants, Lincoln Continentals, Solar Power, Stargazing, Sundials, little parts and peices of things - especiallly cleverly crafted metal parts, gadgets, old cars,
The What-The-Hell-Is-It? Game, 5000, spinning tops and versions of Rhapsody in Blue.

Besides those I can't think of a thing.

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Visit the 'Uniqhorn Flea Market'
Interesting and useless stuff I have collected
through the years for sale or trade.

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