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~ Here are some good
Alternate energy starter links:

  • Real Goods-Solar, Wind, Hydro ~ Full feature catalogue ~
    small gadgets to full grid systems ~ off the grid appliances

  • Lehmans Catalogue ~ A great resource! huge catalogue
    for traditional non-electric tools, appliances and energy saving items

  • Kansas Wind Power and astronomy ~ Wind, Solar and accessories ~
    independent energy systems - home-farm-cabin ~ astronomy telescopes

  • ~ from HomePower magazine ~
    Renewable Energy directory and links ~ Solar cheese ~
    Hybrid vehicles ~ technology updates

Synthetic fleece is used in extreme Arctic Gear ~ made of finely spun plastic fibers,
25�-�2-liter coke bottles can be recycled into enough material to make one Parka ~ History Channel.

Feel free to contact me with questions about designing a free standing energy system

My fax number through e-Fax service ~ 1-732-909-6168

Hyperion water treatment Plant�in California ~ steps in water treatment and sewage conversion. Produces 17 KW of power a day from the bacteria/sludge methane generation piped to the power plant next door.
Whispering Wheel ~

New Proposal Based on a New Idea ~ Using Oranges for Styrofoam Recycling