French Horns and other instruments

I have always been attracted to the wide variety of musical instruments, particularly brass, most notably the Horns ~ French Horns, Mellophones and Flugelhorns. Most of the instruments in these slide shows are pieces currently in my collection, nothing really valuable ~ hopefully some items of interest, and mostly, fun to play. A gallery will be added later to show other instruments ~ keyboards, strings etc.

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  • Collection Overview List
  • Amati double, Czechoslovakia, fine condition,
    this is the horn I currently play most often.
  • Rene Duval double,an older horn I played in Community Band last year. Older connecting rod model with lots of wear to the laquer but it still plays with a nice tone. Some players prefer horn with no laquer, which gives a different tone.
  • Josef Lidl compensating horn ~ see 'Deutchland' pictures
    I occasionally take this horn to perform on, just for fun
    It has a wonderfully mellow rich sound
  • C.G.Conn Mellophone set, 8 main & lead crooks
  • Amati Flugelhorn, Czechoslovakia a great new horn I bought from a distributor in New York along with the . . .
  • Barclay (Amati) Coronet, Austria
  • Olds Coronet - no case
  • USA Line Coronet, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Holton Marching Horn - bell forward high,
  • King Marching Horn - bellstraight forward
  • two or three old Drum and Bugle Corps Sopranos
    a few other wind instruments, clarinets, recorders and harmonicas miscelaneous pieces.
Amati French Horn ~ Kraslice, Czechoslovakia ~ gallery
Identified by the seller as purchased on eBay. Craftsmen in that area have been know for a tradition of instrument makers since the early 1800's. The leadpipe has been replaced, the original was stamped 'Germany', but Kraslice (Grazlitz) changed hands during WW II.
The seller says this horn was originally unlaquered and has been sprayed with a coat of laquer. I don't know the age. It is beautiful and well kept, but a recent coat of laquer (date applied is unknown), could make it look much newer than it is.
American Victory
"American Victory" Mellophone ~ gallery ~ I got this horn tarnished black over much of the finish..Bought for the engraving and silver finish. The first pictures are from the auction that I got to see to decide to buy this horn ~ Followed by pictures show the progress in polishing it with Wright's Silver Cream. ~ 7 or 8 hours of polishing
~ I guess the date of manufacture to be late 1918 or early 1919. There are no other makers marks except a serial number on the second valve. The mouthpiece has no markings.
C.G. Conn Mellophone multi-key outfit ~ slideshow
The first unique horn I ever owned, my family bought me this horn for my birthday over twenty years ago. Among the notable features are four interchangeable leadpipes and two side slides. Each is marked with the key, giving eight keys total this horn can adapt to.
Rene Duval double horn detail slideshow
This is a nice old horn I've been practicing on lately. It has the metal connecting rod action and could use some new cork stops, but in general plays very nice, with a deep rich tone.
Dusty old horns ~ gallery ~
A more detailed look at some of the misc. horns and other Brass I have, or had. ~ USA Line Coronet. Olds Coronet, Olds Mellophoine Bugle.
Deutchland ~
A look at the Austrian and Czechoslovakian horns I recently obtained (mid- 2005)
General brass instrument discussion on naming types of horns
~ Click on the picture for a gallery of different unique instruments.
See my Mellophone discusion page for the different kinds of horns developed thru history, and an attempt to define the differences between French Horns, Mellophones, Flugel Horns, Altos etc.

Here are some excerpts from the Virginia Tech Dictionary relating to horns, definitions and history

Modern Instrument Classification from
the Virginia Tech Multimedia Music Dictionary

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