Restoring the Oldest House in Enid, Oklahoma

Construction Plans and other features
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Project Overview: A Little History�

Maine256c 801 E. Maine is the oldest house in Enid, Oklahoma.
Located in the 'Cherokee Strip' - one of the last stretches
of Indian Territory opened to white settlers in
'The Great Land Run of 1893'.
The main part of this house was reportedly carted here from just across the Kansas border in 1896. That would have been just the main central box of the house. When in place the porches could be built on. The kitchen area with its single gable roof extension was added.

The attic space over the kitchen was converted into an extra restroom and closet in the apartment conversion probably in the sixties or early seventies.
The shed, (now gone), in the back yard housed the first power washing machine in Garfield County. The foundation remains remains and I intend to rebuild it.
The distinctive tower corner and wrap around front porch were main features of the "Queen Anne" style. This is one of very few of this style left in town.

Current condition and construction plans:
We are in the�stage of land and drainage contouring, following will be to lift and level the East side of the house, which has settled mainly due to water draining into the basement and weakening the ground. Also skirting the front porch and any other holes that have developed, letting animals get in. I have two panes of glass to put in the first floor, which should complete all windows unless more have been broken.
Need to rebuild cover for cellar ~ add awning to gutter runoff away from the house.

Some notes on what has been done so far:
When we started the front porch of the house was five feet off the ground and most of the columns were fallen. The porch was built back and roofed with natural wood shingles, as was the garage.
Currently the house, with all its need for repair, is at least in solid standing condition with a decent covering roof and no major leaks. The porch was built back and roofed with natural wood shingles, as was the garage. The rest of the house has been covered with modern Heritage II imitation weathered wood composite shingles for expense and safety. The east half of the house has settled several inches and will have to be jacked up. A few month ago we had someone getting into the house, the first real problem I've had the whole time I owned the place. We sealed up everything to where someone would have to really work to get in. A day or two later whoever had been getting in broke almost every window in the house. We have gotten the first floor windows all fixed or covered, and the upper floor glass are now done.

The the front door and the two narrow window sets on either side have been replaced by larger units that were taken out of a house west of Bass Hospital, before it was torn down for hospital expansion. There is a window in the west side that will be replaced with a double pane circulation ambient heat exchanger ~ (contact me to see plans). The outside stairs will be rebuilt similar to the original ~ but slightly larger.
Statue of Liberty collection
Power to the house will be developed on an independent photovoltaic system. As a starter I have two 42 watt BP solar panels and 1200W inverter.
Other energy efficient or independent features will be planned into the
renovation, as well as expanding the photovoltaic system.
The garage and the house will both have free-standing systems. There are some new small and efficient wind generators on the market that I will probably add when possible.

Architectural features will be used for natural drafting.
I hope to collect Amish style cooking utilities and hot water
The ultimate would be The Monarch cook stove
from the Lehmans catalogue
Other Items
What is the junk car there?

There was an old Wash House in the back yard. The foundation is still there. The structure itself was, I'm told, moved to Douglas ~ about twenty miles away ~ and restored along with an old Depot building. I will go try to find where it is and take pictures to rebuild a similar shed to house the new electric equipment. ~ The previous owners ran lots of new romex throughout the house, but it was naver finished, so it will still be a hassle to track out all the lines and tie it into a coherent system.

out of the ordinary??????
Sundial Project to be built into the
patio design in the back yard
Micro-current wiring system to LED lights thru the house
Flow-through drafting filtered air from basement to roof for ambient heating and cooling control

Maine16cr click to enlarge
Till someone proves me wrong, this is the oldest standing house in Enid, Oklahoma.
I bought this house to save it from the bulldozer. It had been vacant for nearly
15 years at that time.
lakeside16ct click to enlarge

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