Sheet music, Instruction books, Anthologies

Hundreds of titles starting with the late 1800's, mostly 1920's to 50's
If you are looking for a particular piece, email me and I will look for it next.

I have a lot to add to this page that I may not get to for a while
Best to come by for a visit to see it all.

Music for Horn Ensembles on hand

  1. Star Spangles Banner ~ Horn Quartet
  2. America the Beautiful ~ Horn Quartet
  3. Anchors Away ~ Horn Quartet
  4. Happy Birthday ~ two-part
  5. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone ~ book - music for Horns in F
  6. The Marine's Hymn ~ Horn Quartet
  7. My Country tis of Thee ~ Horn Quartet
  8. The U.S. Army Anthem ~ Horn Quartet
  9. Bolero ~ Ravel ~ excerpt -35 bar theme - two-part
  10. Trumpet voluntary ~ Jeremiah Clarke
    ~ score - 2 copies ~ Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Tuba
  11. Wedding March ~ Felix Medelssohn ~ score and four parts
    ~ Trumpet 1 & 2, F Horn, Trombone, Tuba

Here is a list of other songs that I think should be in
a good repertoire for a small Brass Ensemble for a variety of occasions

(*) - denotes some music on hand - see other lists)
  1. *America the Beautiful
  2. *Star Spangles Banner
  3. MacArthur Park
  4. Scarborough Fair ~ features fine harmony
  5. Bridge Over Troubled Waters
  6. *Danny Boy ~ London Derierre
  7. Roll Out the Barrel ~ features nice bass line
  8. Girl from Ipanema
  9. Pink Panther
  10. Theme from Hatari
  11. Big Band Bwana from the movie Hatari
  12. Promenades - Pictures - Mussorgsky
  13. If I had a Hammer ~ Peter, Paul and Mary
  14. I Got Rhythm - style of Chestnut Brass
  15. Summertime - "" "" ""

Riffs and themes anyone should be able to improvise along with
*One liner sheet

  1. Don't worry Be Happy
  2. Baby Elephant Walk
  3. section marks drawn out
  4. Hey
  5. Hey

Printed Sheet music ~ mostly older stuff

  1. Show me the way to go home
  2. Gospel Train
 This list is of printed sheet music, mostly pre-1950, back to the 1890's.
A collection hundreds of sheet music and method instruction books for a variety 
of instruments, piano, organ, some brass, dozens of Accordian books and individual 
songs. Some accordian pieces are listed in this list as well.

 Song Title:                                                                Written by:                 Cprt/Pub
American Patrol ~ March                                     Meacham, F.W.                        1943
Chinatown, My Chinatown                                  Schwartz, Jean
Dizzy Fingers                                                          Confrey, Zez                             1923
Dodge Brothers March  Herbert, Victor                          1920
Get on Board                                                           Jay Althouse
Heather Bells                                                          Lange, Gustav
Here Lies Love                                                       Ralph Rainger                           1932
How Beautiful Upon the Mountains                  Carter, John                               1977
I Am But A Small Voice                                        Whittaker, Roger                      1980
I'm Going to Take the First Train                         Norma Gray & Jack Coogan   1912
Killarney, My Home O'er the Sea                        Frederic Knight Logan             1911
Liebestraum (A Dream of Love)                          Liszt, Franz                               c1900
March for Progress                                               Williams, Frederick A.               1935
Over the Waves ~ Waltzes for four hands        Juventino Rosas                       1909
Pond Lillies ~ Piano solo                                      Rodgers, Irene                           1932
Silver Elves Caprice                                               Heinz, Charles                           1906
Strike Up The Band                                               Gershwin, George and Ira        1927?cw
Tiger Rag                                                                Galla-Rini                                    1917(45)
Verona ~ Waltz ~ For the Accordian                 Pietro Deiro                                1948
Vesper Bells are Ringing                                     Porter                                           1917
Vous Pour Moi, Moi Pour Vous                        Walker, Raymond

Yankee Doodle Boy is Good Enough for Me Livernash, Will L. Waiting for The Robert E. Lee Gilbert L. Wolfe 1912(40) What D'Ya Mean You Lost Yer Dog? Who's Sorry Now? ~ Accordian solo Ted Snyder 1923

pic not loaded
Here's a Whiskey Caddy in the shape of an old steam locomotive, with shot glasses in the stack and on the boiler, with a square glass decanter as the cab of the train.
When you pick up the bottle it triggers the wind-up music box that plays "Show me the Way to go Home", an old popular favorite Cherokee Strip Antiques in Enid. Arthur Durkee said he got it from a man who worked for Liberace many years as a groundskeeper. This piece was in Liberace's house for years when he ultimately gave it to the groundskeeper as a Christmas present, He then had it for years and ended up with a drinking problem and wanted to get everything related out of the house.

I have the sheet music to the song played by the caddy, given to me by Arthur some months after I bought the caddy.

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