Letterpress Arts
Two 1867 Chandler and Price Letterpresses are the main working pieces in the shop. To go along with this we have a great collection of furniture, special cuts and borders, lead and wood spacing and at least eight full cabinets of lead and wood type. Two full Stone Slab layout tables with wood furniture sorting racks above and metal slide tray racks below. Capable of custom die-cutting and scoreing as well as printing.
There is quite a supply of odd left-over envelopes and large paper stock in a variety of types, cover, offset, gloss etc. For specialty projects we still have the old Scott thru-the-wall camera in the darkroom and plate burner.
Chandler and Price Letterpresses



  • See ideas from sample Bookplates
  • Cards, Posters & other artistic ideas:
    • Special design border and embellishments
    • "If" by Rudyard Kipling
    • Amzanig, huh? unerdstnad?
    • Framed Old Dougherty Press Samples,
      File copies and archives
    • Disederata & others
    • Lyrics to Famous Songs
two Chandler & Price letterpresses (and junk)
Also on hand in the shop ~ Challenge 36" cutter
Rubber Stamp heat press and related supplies
Baum multi-gate right-angle paper folder
Scott thru-wall camera darkroom
Foil stamping machine ~ small impression
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