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Paper mache boxes ~ here are a few samples of some unique box designs made by a friend of mine. These are all made with scrap paper, napkins and other discarded packaging material
~ Glue and paint, of course, are extra.
in the picture at left you can see a little pink&white Bunny Box

At right see the red and gold boxes made by decorating empty Whitmans Chocolates Valentine boxes.
To the right of the picture is a Dragon Head, this will go on a larger frame body and will be the base of a lamp.
In the foreground on the blue paper is the beginning of a small intricate full body dragon. It will go on a decorative box like those shown above
Below the dragon is a shell in the works for another Lady Bug box, like that shown finished in the picture below

Another oriental style design box similar to that above. The little Lady Bug is a box too, made on a panty hose egg or something like that, I forget exactly. behind the bug off the right side you can see just a corner of a detailed Greek style box in the works.

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I have several different designs for paper airplanes.
I'm looking for other new and unique designs. Holding competitions possible.

One book of designs I have is for airplanes made,
not out of paper, but styrofoam picnic plates
It gives patterns to cut out the plate and where to tape a penny for flight control

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updated 31 Oct 2006