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Welcome to my project! ~
Among other things ~ Renovation of

The Oldest House in Enid, Oklahoma

for my musical collection and Library
Independent Energy ~ Sundial Patio ~ Bavarian Pastries!
and Chocolate Chip Cookies!
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tradition of excellence

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Your free daily click
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at shelters nationwide

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801 E. Maine is the oldest house {as far as I know}
in Enid, Oklahoma. Located in the 'Cherokee Strip'
- one of the last stretches of Indian Territory opened
to white settlers in 'The Great Land Run of 1893'.
The main part of this house was reportedly carted
here from just across the Kansas border in 1896.
It was added on to, and a shed, (now gone), in the
back yard housed the first power washing machine
in Garfield County. The distinctive tower corner
and wrap around front porch were main features
of the "Queen Anne" style.
This is one of very few of this style left in town.
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Visit my Collections Page
to see the ensemble of instruments,
music and related artifacts
to be housed when ready.


Visit the Uniqhorn Flea Market
a variety of interesting and
useless things For Sale ~
or trade!


See Features of the House ~
current condition ~ stories
histories ~ features ~ descriptions
renovation plans and decor ideas.


'My Collections'
Unique horns
Brass Instruments
Pianos and pump organs
old record players and stereos
over 2000 titles in vinyl records,
8 - tracks, CD's & cassette tapes
Violin, guitars, mandolin and a doh!
1868 squaregrand piano-needs restoring
sheet music back to the late 1800's
misc musical theme knick-nacks
two old Lincoln Continentals
musical instruction books
rules to play 5000
music boxes

distant grain elevators
click to enlarge

Continental Towers and distant grain elevators
Looking Northeast from the roof Of Symphony Center


Input is open to any interested party! Our main goal is to renovate the House and develop my Library of Music - instruments, records & tapes ~ Maybe lend support for the Community Band or provide a location for music lessons and Develop a Musical - Artistic resource in general for the area.

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Experience a variety of musical treats with The Enid Symphony Orchestra
in the newly renovated Enid Symphony Center in the original 1924 Masonic Temple
features - the Jane Champlin Art Gallery, the Eleanor Hornbaker Banquet Hall
and a gorgeous Shakesperean Theatre

For more information contact the Symphony Office.

See live plays at the Gaslight Theatre on the old Vaudville stage,
later the Chief Movie Theater downtown

Treat the kids and yourself to
Leonardo's Discovery Warehouse and Science Museum
and much more!

Banquet Hall - set for a small wedding - decorations furnished by florist
Eleanor Hornbaker
Banquet Hall at
Symphony Center

click to see the
Concert Hall Stage

Collecting instruments, records, tapes, old audio-video equipment;
Things from Chicago in general, things made by ACME, Looney Tunes, rocks and gems,
Classic music {old and new}, Classic cars, Old style Letterpress Arts, stargazing,

Visit my Collections Page ~ ~ ~ visit the Uniqhorn Flea Market

Need help with an old car? We do that too - the older the better!

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Astronomy and Space Program Links

Apollo Astronauts narrate
"Nasa's vision for Space Exploration"

Space news sites

Fun & Interactive sites

Image & Video Galleries

You can also see "Mars Pic of the Day" here!

Browse through images sent from Mars
by the two rovers 'Spirit' and 'Opportunity'
Click on Archive to see the gallery of previous pictures
Older archive images are being updated and
will be available in the larger view soon!

moon phases

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Here are some good Alternate energy links to start with:

  • Lehmans Catalogue ~ A great resource! huge catalogue
    for traditional non-electric tools, appliances and energy saving items
  • Kansas Wind Power and astronomy ~ Wind, Solar and accessories ~
    independent energy systems - home-farm-cabin ~ astronomy telescopes
  • Real Goods-Solar, Wind, Hydro ~ Full feature catalogue ~
    small gadgets to full grid systems ~ off the grid appliances
  • HomePower.com ~ from HomePower magazine ~
    Renewable Energy directory and links ~ Solar cheese ~
    Hybrid vehicles ~ technology updates

Feel free to contact me with questions about designing a free standing energy system

My fax number through e-Fax service ~ 1-732-909-6168

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